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Summer Experience Course  

The 10 session course.

The venue is the Association’s apiary just outside Watlington (directions will be provided once you have enrolled).

The experience will provide the ideal opportunity for members to improve their knowledge and skills on the practical side of beekeeping. We have a selection of hives and you will have ample opportunity to follow several colonies through the active season.

The practical areas to be covered include:

 Handling bees

 Interpreting the behaviour of the bees and reading the colony

 Swarm Control

 Queen rearing (if conditions allow)

 Extracting honey

 Preparing the bees for winter

The Summer Experience is 10 session. We will meet up once every 2 weeks at 11 o’clock for approximately 2 hours, but will exercise an element of flexibility if the weather is not suitable and postpone to the Sunday.

It is of special interest to beginners and improvers and we already have a lot of people booked on the course this year. If you would like to attend then please email Margaret Moore (Chairman, SCBKA) at: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you!

Inspecting a hive.

Clipping a queen's wing.